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Research Pathfinders

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Digital citizenship

Digital Drama

Digital Footprint and Identity 

Gender Stereotypes: In real and virtual worlds

Online Safety

Creative Credit and Copyright

Strategic Searching and Evaluating Resources



ABC Math Book project (6)




Baltimore Research Project

Passionate Speeches

Conspiracy Theories

College Ready

Career Ready

Exploring the Titanic

Holiday Team Challenge

Road Trip USA!

Winter Holidays Around the World

Road Trip USA!



World Languages/ Spanish

Spanish Speaking Nations   



Drug Research and Presentation  


Language Arts/Reading

20th Century Decades  (7)

Allegory: Research and Create  (GT 7)

Animal Farm (7 GT)

Argumentative Writing (6,7,8)

Bold Choices (7)

Creating Characters (6,7,8)

Epidemics (7) 

Historical Narrative Research 

Miracle Worker (7)

New 7 Wonders of the World (6)

Poetic Devices

A Raisin in the Sun (7)

Scary Stories (6)

Science Fiction Mission

Start a Green Revolution! (6)

Unsolved Mysteries (7)

Writing Horror Stories (6) - UDL


8th Grade

Developing an Argument: Grade 8

Dickens in Our Day (8)

Historical Authenticity in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry  (8)



Social Studies

Native Americans (8)

State Research (8, 7)

Traveling Through Europe (7,8)

Oral History Project

Amazon Rainforest Animals (6)

American Revolution Battles (8)

Ancient Achievements (7)

Chinese Dynasties (6)

Early African Civilizations (7)

Fall of the Qing Dynasty (6)

Gandhi Webquest (6)

Marbury v. Madison Slam-dunk Research Lesson (8)

Russian Revolution (7)

South Africa Under Apartheid (7)




Native Species (6) 
Amazing Planets (6)

Cosmological Theories (7 GT)

GT Science 6 Research Project (6 GT)

Baltimore Zoo Endangered Animal Exhibit (7)

Weird Plants

Wolves and Dogs: Genetic Research

















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