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The General's Virtual Library

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Welcome to The General's Virtual Library! 


General John Stricker Middle School Library Media Center | 7855 Trappe Rd., Baltimore, MD 21222 | 443-809-7022

Anna Conner, Library Media Specialist 


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Play this game to give Finn some cute outfits!





Drag items over to Finn!

To change some costume options, try pressing:

The Space Bar

Up and Down arrows

Left and Right arrows

#0 and #1


Press the green flag to reset!








Hi! I'm Ms. Conner! 






About our School Library Media Program


Good to know ... 

If you get these "pop up" questions in Internet Explorer ...

  • Do you want to view only webpage content that was delivered securely? - Click NO! We want media we've added from other Web sites to show up on our wiki pages!   
  • Do you want to show all content? - Click YES! Again, we want everything we add to our page to show up!


NOTE: Embedded YouTube videos will not display in school for students; you may access these from home! 






This is a virtual learning space where students and teachers can access research pathfinders, digital resources, and 21st century technology tools; collaborate on projects; publish their work; and discuss books and reading.  If you have been invited to publish or share comments on this wiki, please observe proper Wiki Etiquette.  

This wiki is administered by Anna Conner, GJSMS Library Media Specialist  

Last update:  2018 

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